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Hard to get or Alternative Mortgage Solutions

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If you have bad or poor credit we have alternative mortgage options for you.

A bad credit mortgage is simply a term that is used when someone who has a low credit score, poor credit, bad credit, or no credit applies for a mortgage loan.

Alternative Mortgage Lenders are most often referred to as “B” Lenders. For example, take a look at any Windsor news item or tv ad and you’ll realize that people are looking to alternative mortgage lending more and more to get the mortgage and financing they need. The big banks have tightened their belts to the point where many people need to look elsewhere for their financing and that's where we can help.

Fortunately there are alternative mortgage lenders that have stepped up to fill this gap in the Windsor and Ontario mortgage marketplace for those hard to get mortgages. Alternative mortgage lenders tend to approve deals on a common-sense basis vs just what a computer program tells them. We work with lenders to help describe your unique situation and needs. These lenders generally look at how much equity you have, and care less about bad credit history or income.

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